Public API: Automation in certificate management

Certifeye, the platform for exchange of certificates and other documents, is working on the implementation of a public API. This type of API makes it possible to link the data you collect through connections with your suppliers and customers on the Certifeye platform, to other IT environments, for example your basic administration. This way, you immediately have the most current data from, for example, a grower, when purchasing their goods.

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In practice:

Certifeye is proud of its customers. That is why we want to tell you what they stand for, what inspires them, and what the value of certification is in their organisation. Today, we will tell you more about the various possibilities the Certifeye network has to offer. In the spotlight: Daniëlle Strijk of

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Zentoo is the first user of Certifeye Wallet Manager

Known for its big variety of chrysanthemums, Zentoo has been working with its affiliated growers since 2007 to build up a quality brand. “This includes certification and unfortunately the administrative hassle that comes with it” says Rob van den Broek, quality manager at Zentoo. Read more

In practice: De Jong Sierteelt

Certifeye is proud of its clients. That is why we want to share with you what they stand for, what inspires them and what the value of certification is in their organizations. This series of stories from the workplace starts with a look at floriculture and the use of the free Certifeye Wallet. In today’s spotlight: De Jong Sierteelt.

De Jong Sierteelt was founded as a family business. With a history dating back to the 1950s, the organization was active in the flower bulb sector from day 1. From grandpa, to father, to son. De Jong Sierteelt currently has several permanent employees and a number of seasonal workers. What started as a small-scale business has grown into a strong company with sales of no less than 4 million cut hyacinths per year, in addition to the production of flower bulbs.

What is the key strength of De Jong Sierteelt? “We started sorting the flowers by length and making beautiful bunches without length differences early on. As a result, we do not have to cut off the bulb base, which benefits the quality.” By keeping the bulb base intact, the cut hyacinth will last longer and bloom beautifully. This will make the final owner enjoy their purchase to its fullest extent.

The importance of certificates in the production process has been clear to De Jong Sierteelt for a long time: The organization obtained the MPS-GAP certificate 5 years ago, well before it was required by the largest customers. This is something to be proud of. However, Tim looks at the future of certification as a constant development: “New certificates may emerge in the future, so that both producers and buyers can truly excel in their industries again.” The current Dutch legislation sometimes makes it feel like double work, but it does reflect a certain standard.

What role does Certifeye play in this process? Tim explains two main advantages of using the platform. “Certifeye makes it easier for my buyers to find our certificates, as I can store them centrally and share them securely with all inquiring parties.“Additionally, the platform has more to offer than just administrative benefits: Tim regularly sees new subscribers who are interested in his certificates, which provides additional insight into De Jong Sierteelt’s market reach.

When asked about possible improvement for the online platform, Tim had a clear answer: “The application is straightforward. For me it’s all great as it is!

Afriflora links with the Certifeye Wallet on the website.

Sustainability has been the core value of Afriflora Sher since it was founded in 2005. The roses traded by Afriflora Sher are produced at the nurseries in Ethiopia. Afriflora has a keen eye on issues such as farming quality, the environment and social conditions. This is proven by 11 certificates recognized worldwide.


Managing these certificates and, above all, showing them to customers was precisely the reason why Afriflora decided to use the Certifeye Wallet. “You can easily update your certificates and share them with your customers. We have placed a link to the Wallet on our website. ” Said Aswin Endeman, Business Support & CSR Manager of Afriflora. Interested parties can see an overview of the certificates with date of expiration via the link. The documents can also be downloaded on request.


There are now hundreds of Certifeye Wallets used by growers. Afriflora is the first party to arrange access to those certificates via its own website. “It is very easy”, Aswin continues, “Just leave a link to the Wallet on your website and then the rest is automated”. Customers can subscribe to the certificates. It saves a lot of e-mail traffic normally devoted to providing the documentation. “When a certificate expires, we add a new version and all subscribers are immediately informed. Perfect!”


Certifeye introduced the Certifeye Wallet to bridge the gap between growers and trading companies and to reduce the administrative burden of certificate management as much as possible. A conscious decision was made to make the Wallet available to suppliers free of charge. “The number of users on both sides: growers and traders is getting higher day by day. Our aim is to organize the process as efficiently and affordably as possible for all parties involved ”, according to Marlies Verbruggen of Certifeye.


Want to take a look at Afriflora’s Certifeye Wallet? Visit this page:

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Working with subcontractors

In the latest version of Certifeye it is possible to record contracts at different levels of supply. You can include various information in a contract. As an example, you can create a contract for a specific customer. The contract can be linked to the requirements that the customer sets regarding the deal. Think of required documents such as certificates or a code of conduct.

By assigning your supplier to the contract, you will see in one glance whether they have the right papers to meet the requirements set by your customer. You can grant access to your customer and show this data in real time via Certifeye.

It’s also possible to use the information only for internal purposes. Subcontractors are clearly arranged so any missing documents in relation to the requirements are immediately visible. Certifeye will help you communicate with your supplier enabling delivery of the correct certificates and their maintenance. Would you like to know more? E-mail us or sign up for our online introduction.