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Global Baskets in Certifeye

Starting with the latest Certifeye release, it is possible to work with so-called baskets. A basket is a collection of certificates in different areas that suppliers may have to deal with, through which they can demonstrate that they meet a certain standard. An example of this is the FSI Basket of Standards. This is a […]

Through Standardization to Innovation in a Supply Chain

“Trust, Autonomy, Movement” With these words, Fred Vahlkamp, the founder of ManualMaster and Certifeye, and Ilja Botha opened the Quality PopUp event: a day where all eyes were focused on the future. The future of the flower, plant and food industry, but also the future of sustainability, collaboration within supply chains and technological developments that […]

Transparency, the road to sustainability

In the flower and plant industry everyone seems to know each other and everything seems to be connected, even though there is healthy competition present. Suppliers, growers, trading companies and buyers form all kinds of different trade chains. At the same time, various organisations are created wherein different parties unite, or through which work is […]

The colours of collaboration

To maintain a strong, sustainable supply chain, it is crucial that all participants work towards a common goal. Exchanging information and striving for high quality products creates a situation where growers and consumers alike know that their products are processed in the best possible way. Today, Mark Schellevis of the growers’ association Colours of Nature […]

CO2 footprint in the Wallet

Demonstrating compliance is more than just providing the right certificates. The demand from the market can be diverse: documents such as laboratory results, or filling in questionnaires, can be deciding factors while establishing new trade connections. Certifeye keeps a close eye on these developments in the market, with the ecological footprint in this month’s spotlight!  […]

Requirement baskets

We are constantly striving to make certificate management easier for our customers throughout their entire supply chains. One of the solutions we are launching with this goal in early 2022 is the use of requirement baskets. Fred Vahlkamp, founder of Certifeye, explains what this feature is all about. The Certifeye network is becoming increasingly valuable […]

Lustrum ManualMaster Congress

It was the eleventh of the eleventh, in the charming Periscoop Theater in Gorinchem when the 5th ManualMaster congress took place. We, as their sister company, were proudly present at this special edition. The set expectations were great: With the topic of sustainability and future addressed by speakers like André Kuipers and Raimon Loman, this congress would be inspiring and informative. And […]

Sustainability is our top priority

We are ready for it. When it comes to sustainability, the expectations in the food, flowers, flower bulbs as well as plant sector are continuously rising. This creates various demands throughout entire supply chains, which in turn requires mutual communication, coordination, and safeguarding of made agreements. The call for verifiability through certification is now aimed at growers and it is increasing, just like the number of different certificates […]

Upcoming events

We aim to stay on top of the developments taking place in our clients´ sectors. We make this happen not only by keeping close contact with our clients; it takes stepping out of our offices and reaching out to organizations on trade fairs, conferences, and workshops given by experts on topics ranging from IT solutions to grower’s […]

Public API: Automation in certificate management

Certifeye, the platform for exchange of certificates and other documents, is working on the implementation of a public API. This type of API makes it possible to link the data you collect through connections with your suppliers and customers on the Certifeye platform, to other IT environments, for example your basic administration. This way, you […]