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A 1st for both VDE Plant and Greenhouse Sustainability

April marked not one but two celebrations around sustainability in the agri chain! VDE Plant, grower and breeder of tropical and air-puryifying plants, made an exciting announcement during the Horti Footprint Chain Program event. The organisation has concretised its Carbon Footprint, the details of which are publicly available in the Certifeye Wallet. This makes VDE […]

Greenhouse Sustainability, Certifeye, and the future of the Carbon Footprint

Naturally, we are keeping an eye on developments. Together with, among others, Greenhouse Sustainability, we are looking at how we can easily present the information about a Carbon Footprint using the Certifeye Wallet. The wallet growers can already use to easily share Certificates with their trading partners.  Certificates Versus Data  In fact, a Carbon Footprint […]

Will Certification be Redundant in the Future?

Technology is developing faster and faster, and this makes it possible for new applications thereof to become reality. If you combine different technological applications, you can collect data that you no longer have to verify, if the technology that has been applied is proven suitable. This is an interesting topic for a discussion on the […]