Certifeye at IFTF ’23

Last week, we attended the International Floriculture Trade Fair in Vijfhuizen as exhibitors. Just like in previous years at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, we were able to gain valuable insights about developments in the flower sector and about the efforts of various parties to deliver products of the very best quality to consumers.  

The international nature of this fair led to interesting conversations: what problems do certain links in the chain encounter independently of each other, not taking regional laws into account? What similarities and differences do we see?  

Marlies Verbruggen, salesmanager at Certifeye, elaborates: “On a day like this, you can clearly see that automation in certificate processing can work to the advantage of all kinds of companies. Regardless of which exact certificates are used by a particular producer, sharing certificates costs all parties a lot of time all across the globe. It’s nice to see that a Certifeye Wallet can bring some relief in this regard. 

Additionally, together with our trade fair neighbours, Greenhouse Sustainability, we were able to show the world of transparency and sustainability to the visitors of our stands. Upon scanning the QR-code of our beautiful bouquets, they were immediately taken to a Certifeye Wallet with a completed declaration of the CO2 emissions of this product.  

You too can apply for such a declaration and demonstrate that you and your relations are on the path to ongoing sustainability. Are you interested in joining us? Check out the Greenhouse Sustainability website, or immediately create a free Certifeye Wallet account to share your achieved certificates with your network in advance. 

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