Certifeye at Microsoft AI Tour in Berlin

Last year, we launched the very first version of the CertifAI tool at the Horticulture Sustainability event. We continuously strive to remain at the forefront of AI developments to enhance our tools and provide our users with the best certificate management experience. This year, two of our developers attended the Microsoft AI Tour in Berlin to learn and experience the latest in AI. 

Marcin, a senior developer at Certifeye, attended the event to discover upcoming trends and current directions in AI. “The most surprising use was the demonstration of the new Chat GPT that included Vision capabilities. They uploaded pictures of various receipts and asked Chat GPT to create a monthly home expenses overview from that limited data set.” 

The Power of Chatbots

Marcin’s colleague, Krzysztof, also a senior developer, participated in four sessions focused on generative AI, application building with Azure, and data preparation for AI use. “It was inspiring to witness the significant advancements in Microsoft’s multilingual chatbots and their new capabilities. These chatbots can now perform complex tasks, analyze text or images, and understand context from the provided data,” said Krzysztof. Marcin found the integration of chatbots with Microsoft Teams particularly impactful as it allows for querying data directly within a Teams channel, streamlining various company processes.

Generative AI in Action

When asked about practical takeaways from the Tour, Marcin highlighted the potential integration of Microsoft Fabric into his work. “Fabric’s standardization features and support for various data formats can greatly enhance data query processes and reduce errors,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Krzysztof explored deeper uses of Large Language Models (LLMs) linked to Microsoft’s AI tools, ensuring data privacy under Microsoft’s policies. “As Microsoft partners, the opportunity to develop AI tools within a familiar framework is exciting,” he noted.

We are excited about further researching AI integration within Certifeye and we will keep our users informed to ensure transparency in our data processes. If you have AI insights to share or questions about this topic, feel free to contact us at info@certifeye.com 

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