First API Integration with Quality Management System Completed

An important aspect of an organization’s Quality Management System (QMS) is supplier evaluation. This system helps ensure the quality of the organization’s products and/or services. After all, if suppliers fail to meet expectations or deliver flawed products or services, it directly increases internal costs and may impact the quality of products delivered to customers.

Enhancing Supplier Management with Integrated Dashboard Documentation

Evaluating suppliers involves more than just requesting certificates, footprints, lab results, etc. Documents like evaluation questionnaires, specific procedure agreements, and product specifications often play a role in the professional relationship with a supplier. Typically, a QMS makes this documentation accessible through the system dashboard. Certifeye enhances this process by providing insights into the status of all requested documentation from a specific supplier on the same dashboard. This includes certificates and questionnaires, as well as other documents like CO2 footprint reports. When a document’s validity expires, the Quality Management System dashboard displays a notification.

Streamlining Quality Management with Certifeye API Integration

Certifeye now offers an API that supports this functionality. We have completed the first form of integration with a QMS, specifically within the ManualMaster Trevally software. Our sister organization, with over 32 years of experience in managing and sharing processes, procedures, and work instructions related to quality, safety, and the environment, supports this integration. Quality managers, procurement officers, and other quality personnel can easily access all relevant standards documents and certificates through the dashboard. They can also track the status of expiring documents that need renewal and reissue from the supplier. ManualMaster Trevally plans to introduce this integration in its next release at the end of April 2024.

Expanding Accessibility: Certifeye API Integration for Various Systems

Several customers have shown interest in implementing this feature. If you have questions about the integration or if you use a different system than ManualMaster Trevally for your internal organization, please contact us at The API is available and we can configure it for other systems upon request.

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