Certifeye at IFTEX2023 Nairobi, Kenya

We’ve been on the road. From the 6th to the 8th of June, Certifeye was present at the stand of Kenya Flower Council during IFTEX 2023, the largest flower fair in Kenya. With more than 165 international producers and countless visitors, the fair days were quickly filled with fascinating conversations. 

Hugo Bakker shares his experience: 

“It is my first visit to Nairobi and therefore also to the IFTEX. Here you can get firsthand experience of how important countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia are in the flower sector. Not even for a moment did I feel bored.  

The collaboration with Kenya Flower Council is a huge boost for us. Local growers were also filled with enthusiasm upon hearing about the pilot program for automated uploading of their certificates into the Certifeye Wallet. Having appropriate certificates, they could instantly demonstrate their compliance with standards such as FSI2025 or fulfill highly specific customer demands. It was an extremely inspiring journey and we definitely want to return to Kenya in 2024.” 

The pilot between Kenya Flower Council and Certifeye is being carried out in consultation with three large organizations with nurseries in Kenya and Ethiopia. The pilot is expected to be completed in 2023 and then we can also make the Wallet Pro available to companies with a KFC certificate. The normal free license is of course already available and is already being used extensively by African parties. 

Would you like to know more about the pilot project? Or would you prefer to discuss the supply chain matters that hold significance to you? Check out our calendar for upcoming events. 



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