CO2 footprint in the Wallet

Demonstrating compliance is more than just providing the right certificates. The demand from the market can be diverse: documents such as laboratory results, or filling in questionnaires, can be deciding factors while establishing new trade connections. Certifeye keeps a close eye on these developments in the market, with the ecological footprint in this month’s spotlight! 

We see that growers request their carbon footprint analysis from the specialized organizations more and more often. says Fred Vahlkamp, founder of Certifeye. Gaining an insight into one’s footprint involves looking at the consumption of electricity and gas in the company, but also at the way goods are transported and the role of other relevant emissions. This demand is fuelled by the market, as trading companies and customers are showing an increasing interest in a complete overview of the CO2 emissions of their supply chains. 

One of the parties that makes it possible to get an overview of the CO2 footprint is Greenhouse Marketeers. This organization enables taking steps towards sustainability in an accessible way, by first providing insights into a company’s carbon use, and then giving specific advice on how to achieve a reduction in emissions. And as it happens, this aim for accessibility and transparency corresponds well with what Certifeye stands for” Fred says. 

This overlap is one of the reasons why Certifeye is currently in touch with Greenhouse Marketeers to create an automatic API link between the Certifeye Wallets and the requested CO2 footprints. Thanks to this connection, new burdens are lifted from our users, resulting in a reduction of administrative work. This way, the Certifeye platform can offer a comprehensive overview of the user’s sustainability status, without the need for additional tasks. 

We are very much looking forward to this development. Moreover, in the context of our “Collect and Connect” motto, we are always open to new opportunities and cooperation with organizations in various sectors and areas of compliance. Are you interested in a possible cooperation? Do not hesitate to contact us at! 

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