Datasets in your Certifeye Wallet

The swift rise of the Carbon Footprint is evident in the Netherlands. Greenhouse Sustainability, represented by Henri Potze during our event on 11 May, has already provided extensive insights into how organizations can calculate the Footprint in accordance with the FloriPEFCR. While the organization does not offer actual certification yet, there is a declaration. This way, you can already show the results after a calculation to your relations through the Certifeye Wallet.

It is of course interesting that the calculations, as well as their impact, have a bigger reach than just your own company. After all, you are a link in the chain. To facilitate this reach, we are currently testing dataset sharing. This would mean that the user shares the dataset obtained from a footprint calculation with their customer. The latter can then include this dataset in their own calculations.

You only share this data with the parties you want to share it with. However, this method allows to perform complete calculations throughout the chains, even if the calculations themselves have been performed by different software tools.

We are happy to work and think along with you on this way of data sharing. Are you interested in this topic and would you like to discuss your insights? All parties in the supply chain are always welcome to share their thoughts, from growers and packaging companies to traders and retailers. And we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

If a conversation leads to a good idea, we’ll both have that good idea. And that’s something quite different from sharing a Euro, as then you each only have 50 cents. Email us at:

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