Greenhouse Sustainability, Certifeye, and the future of the Carbon Footprint

Naturally, we are keeping an eye on developments. Together with, among others, Greenhouse Sustainability, we are looking at how we can easily present the information about a Carbon Footprint using the Certifeye Wallet. The wallet growers can already use to easily share Certificates with their trading partners. 

Certificates Versus Data 

In fact, a Carbon Footprint does not differ much from a certificate. It has assessment guidelines and calculation rules, which are based on the European Flori Product Environmental Category Rules (FloriPEFCR). You could compare such a calculation with the results of a certification audit, as those results are then documented in a report. Then, there is proof the calculation has been performed in a presentable format, which can be seen as a certificate.  

Full Control Over Who Can See Your Data 

We ensure that both the certificates and results of a Carbon Footprint calculation can be stored in the Wallet and, if necessary and desired, shared with trading partners. When it comes to the sharing process, we have a very clear policy: the owner of the information is the one who decides who is allowed to see what. If, when entering a contract with a customer, you determine that that customer may have insights into your obtained certificates, you can easily arrange this in your Certifeye Wallet. Of course, this does not mean that everyone can see this information. Only those to whom access has been granted can see it. The same applies to the Carbon Footprint and all other documents you upload into your Certifeye Wallet. 

Using the Wallet to display certificates and/or the Carbon Footprint has the advantage that you do not have to wait for a request from your customers. As soon as you receive a new version of a document, you easily place it in the Wallet and all customers you have given permission to are immediately informed of this update. That saves quite a bit of e-mail traffic. 

In the coming period, there is plenty to do regarding the different aspects of certification and of course the Carbon Footprint. We closely observe all regulations and adjust our platform where necessary. 

Do you have any ideas or experiences you would like to share with us concerning the topic of certification and other types of compliance documentation? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at We are always open to breaking new ground when it benefits our users’ supply chains. 

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