Datavalidatie keynote bij samenwerkingsverband van de universiteit van Wageningen, Certifeye en ManualMaster

Will Certification be Redundant in the Future?

Technology is developing faster and faster, and this makes it possible for new applications thereof to become reality. If you combine different technological applications, you can collect data that you no longer have to verify, if the technology that has been applied is proven suitable. This is an interesting topic for a discussion on the future of certification within the agribusiness sector.

On January 19th we had a meeting in cooperation with the Wageningen University and Research (WUR), welcoming visitors from various sectors of the agribusiness. There was representation from flowers, flower bulbs, food, animal feed, and certifying bodies. We are exploring the possibility of a so-called PPP, a public-private partnership in the field of innovation.

The introduction was given by Mr. Koos van der Meij, affiliated with the WUR. The intelligent sprayer was used as an example and is equipped with four different technologies. First, an optical scanner for crop recognition, a GPS system to determine location and area, a volume meter to determine the amount of liquid sprayed and an infrared scanner to determine residues. Combined, this information presents the amount sprayed per area on a given crop. That data can be recorded as validated data  to fulfill required records within an agricultural operation.

This can be called remote viewing and assessment. The increase in different technological applications gives room for other human actions and limits for example the travel of auditors etc. Is this far away? Perhaps, but far away is currently coming closer very quickly. The latter is reason for ManualMaster and Certifeye to be at the forefront of these developments. And what better way is there to do that, than in a consortium of companies that use their knowledge to come up with new applications of existing and developing technology?

Are you interested in thinking along with us? Please get in touch via or through our contact form stating PPS Decentralized Validation. Our colleague will contact you as soon as possible.

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