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Certifeye is proud of its customers. That is why we want to tell you what they stand for, what inspires them, and what the value of certification is in their organisation. Today, we will tell you more about the various possibilities the Certifeye network has to offer. In the spotlight: Daniëlle Strijk of has its origins in Wesselman Flowers, and was born out of increasing demand for packaged flowers and ready-made products of the floriculture industry, coming from the largest retailers. The company has been responding to this need for over 10 years, initially only in the tulip sector but in recent years also with peonies, gladioli, sunflowers, and amaryllises.

This broadening of the product range was driven by an increase in demand on one hand, but also by’s desire for year-round production. The core season of tulip production lasts from 1 January to Easter, with a pre-season and post-season from October to the end of May. Thanks to a varied assortment, the company can deliver high-quality products to its end customers all year round. With such a growing product range, it is crucial to stick to the company’s core values. When asked about the vision of, Daniëlle immediately gives a clear answer. “We are looking for reliable partners that you can make solid agreements with. We prefer to enter into a long-term relationship with our growers.”

These franchisees are mostly affiliated with from the beginning. Thanks to the long-term cooperation, a special bond is created between the parties. This trust and level of cooperation are reflected in the support that the franchise growers receive from the organisation: “We can help our group of tulip growers with certification, answer their questions about the Global G.A.P scheme. and aid them with general issues where necessary. We also organise audits and manage their documents in Wallets on the Certifeye network.”


Administrator… uses a Wallet Manager for their suppliers. Daniëlle can update the certificates of the franchise growers, answer certificate requests and keep the company information up to date. Of course, she also receives reminders when the documents are about to expire. “It’s a much more pleasant process than the old hassle of using folders on the computer.” adds Daniëlle. “And actually, it’s all even easier for us, as our growers are all certified around the same time. Renewal is therefore often done in one go.”

However, there is still room for further automation within’s supply chain. “The suppliers that deliver bulbs to our franchise growers are usually not yet registered in Certifeye. This step will be taken in the short term so that the certification process is secured throughout the entire chain.”

Despite’s initial invitation, the set-up Wallets are not limited to use with just one client. Franchise growers are encouraged to explore the platform for themselves and use it in the way that suits them best. “We also have franchise growers who have other seasonal flowers that they market to other customers. Those customers can then subscribe to their Wallets and get updates on renewed certificates as well,” describes Daniëlle.

Some franchise growers also like to roll up their sleeves digitally, according to Daniëlle. “There are growers who manage their Wallets independently. They are really into it and enjoy working with Certifeye themselves.”


…and user is more than just a manager for the franchise growers. Being part of a supply chain, the organisation also has its own Certifeye account with all the standard features. can upload its own certificates on the platform, but can also send certificate requests to various suppliers, with or without a Certifeye account. An additional advantage is that these requests can be sent automatically when an already received certificate expires. This way a large part of the administrative tasks is taken over by Certifeye.

Does the supplier not yet have a free Certifeye Wallet account? In that case, Daniëlle can immediately send an invitation so her business relations can benefit from the Certifeye network with their own free Wallet as well.

In short: Thanks to this extended account form, Daniëlle experiences what it is like to be both administrator and user, and thus gets the most out of the Certifeye network. “The platform simply works well, saves a lot of time and is easy to use!”

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