Zentoo is the first user of Certifeye Wallet Manager

Known for its big variety of chrysanthemums, Zentoo has been working with its affiliated growers since 2007 to build up a quality brand. “This includes certification and unfortunately the administrative hassle that comes with it” says Rob van den Broek, quality manager at Zentoo. In close consultation with the people at Certifeye, Zentoo and thus Rob became the first users of a so-called Wallet Manager.

“For an organisation like ours, which now has about 15 affiliated growers, it is ideal to manage the certificates for all these growers and share them with customers,” continued Rob. “Organisations such as Zentoo made us realise that we needed something extra,” says Fred Vahlkamp, one of the initiators of Certifeye. Growers can already use the freely available Certifeye Wallet, but organisations and grower’s associations with various growers can now use the Wallet Manager as well. “We want to make the side tasks as simple as possible for everyone. The main task is the importance of quality, environment, sustainability, and social conditions. The side tasks are the administrative burdens of managing and sharing one’s certificates with their customers” Fred explains. At Zentoo, several customers have now connected to the growers’ Wallet. “It’s just a little bit of work for me and the customers are always up to date, which is a nice development” concludes Rob.

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