In practice: De Jong Sierteelt

Certifeye is proud of its clients. That is why we want to share with you what they stand for, what inspires them and what the value of certification is in their organizations. This series of stories from the workplace starts with a look at floriculture and the use of the free Certifeye Wallet. In today’s spotlight: De Jong Sierteelt.

De Jong Sierteelt was founded as a family business. With a history dating back to the 1950s, the organization was active in the flower bulb sector from day 1. From grandpa, to father, to son. De Jong Sierteelt currently has several permanent employees and a number of seasonal workers. What started as a small-scale business has grown into a strong company with sales of no less than 4 million cut hyacinths per year, in addition to the production of flower bulbs.

What is the key strength of De Jong Sierteelt? “We started sorting the flowers by length and making beautiful bunches without length differences early on. As a result, we do not have to cut off the bulb base, which benefits the quality.” By keeping the bulb base intact, the cut hyacinth will last longer and bloom beautifully. This will make the final owner enjoy their purchase to its fullest extent.

The importance of certificates in the production process has been clear to De Jong Sierteelt for a long time: The organization obtained the MPS-GAP certificate 5 years ago, well before it was required by the largest customers. This is something to be proud of. However, Tim looks at the future of certification as a constant development: “New certificates may emerge in the future, so that both producers and buyers can truly excel in their industries again.” The current Dutch legislation sometimes makes it feel like double work, but it does reflect a certain standard.

What role does Certifeye play in this process? Tim explains two main advantages of using the platform. “Certifeye makes it easier for my buyers to find our certificates, as I can store them centrally and share them securely with all inquiring parties.“Additionally, the platform has more to offer than just administrative benefits: Tim regularly sees new subscribers who are interested in his certificates, which provides additional insight into De Jong Sierteelt’s market reach.

When asked about possible improvement for the online platform, Tim had a clear answer: “The application is straightforward. For me it’s all great as it is!

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