KFC and Certifeye – What Does the Near Future Hold?

All preparations for further automation throughout the chain are in progress. We are not alone in this goal; our collaboration with KFC serves as a continuous source of inspiration and innovation, which brings us great joy.

With our joint participation in IFTEX in Nairobi still freshly engraved in our memory, a significant and continually increasing number of certificates is being placed in Certifeye Wallets. And the best part of this collaboration? The information placed by KFC in the Wallets comes directly from the source, without any intermediaries, and therefore without the potential for human error.

These reliable certificates are then made available on the websites of growers and can often be found in the public Wallets of these organizations. Those who prefer to keep their own certification private, can share their documents securely with a select group of their relations using direct links and subscriptions on the platform.

As a KFC certificate covers multiple areas at once, which you can read more about in our knowledge base, it becomes immediately clear whether a grower meets the FSI 2025 Basket requirements or not. This is an important advantage for growers from Kenya, especially as there appears to be confusion about the value of a certificate from time to time. Thanks to smart “and/or” systems, technicalities we will not bore you with, the evaluation of the FSI 2025 Basket takes international certificates that are equivalent to each other into account. This gives growers who work with excellent certification bodies from various regions ample opportunity to guarantee the quality of their products to a wide audience.

In November, we hope to meet the KFC team at our stand during the International Floriculture Trade Fair in Vijfhuizen. We look forward to further collaboration.

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