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Kenya Flower Council (KFC)

The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) is a voluntary organization that was established in 1996 to promote the development of the flower industry in Kenya. The KFC is a self-regulating body that aims to ensure that the country’s flower industry adheres to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. 

KFCs standards in the floriculture industry 

One of the key functions of the Kenya Flower Council is to establish and enforce standards for the flower industry. The KFC has developed a comprehensive set of standards that cover all aspects of flower production, from the cultivation of flowers to the packaging and transportation of the final product. 

To ensure that these standards are met, the KFC offers certification programs that allow flower producers to demonstrate their compliance with KFC standards. These certification programs are based on a set of criteria that cover all aspects of flower production, including environmental stewardship, worker health and safety, and social responsibility. 

The KFC has developed the Flowers and Ornamental Sustainability Standard (F.O.S.S) popularly known as KFC Silver, created in order to improve compliance of member farms. It is a certification program for cut flower growers, which focuses on the production of high-quality flowers that are free from disease and pests, as well as the responsible use of pesticides and fertilizers. 

The Kenya Flower Council’s Efforts in Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Flower Production 

In addition to certification programs, the KFC also offers training and education programs to help flower producers improve their production practices and meet KFC standards. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from soil management and pest control to labor laws and worker safety. 

The KFC has been instrumental in promoting the development of the flower industry in Kenya, which has grown rapidly in recent years. Today, Kenya is one of the world’s leading producers of cut flowers, with exports to markets around the world. The KFC’s certification programs and standards have played a key role in this growth, as they have helped to establish Kenya as a reliable supplier of high-quality, ethically produced flowers. 

In addition to promoting the growth of the flower industry in Kenya, the KFC is also committed to supporting the local communities in which flower production takes place. The KFC works with local farmers and communities to promote sustainable agriculture and improve the livelihoods of local people. This includes providing training and education programs, as well as supporting local businesses and initiatives that promote social and economic development. 


Find out more here: KFC.org

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