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BRCGS certification

BRCGS certification is a widely recognized program that helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to producing safe and high-quality products to customers, retailers, and food service providers. It can help increase market access, improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs.  

What standards are covered by the BRCGS certification? 

BRCGS certification is based on internationally recognized standards and provides customers with assurance that products are safe, legal, and high quality by covering the following standards:  

  • Global Standards for Food Safety,  
  • Packaging Materials,  
  • Storage and Distribution,  
  • Consumer Products,  
  • Agents and Brokers,  
  • Retail,  
  • Gluten Free,  
  • Plant-Based, 
  • and Ethical Trading. 

    The Certification Process  

    BRCGS offers consultations by their pre-sales support team and a training to understand the scope of requirements of the chosen certification. The BRCGS certification process itself generally begins with a self-assessment done by the business that wants to get certified, followed by an on-site assessment by an independent auditor.  

    Benefits for Farms 

    One of the main benefits of a BRCGS certificate is that it helps to ensure that products are safe and of high quality. The standards require businesses to implement best practices in areas such as food safety, quality management, and traceability. The standards mandate that businesses must provide safe working conditions for their employees and promote animal welfare, if applicable. 

    The BRCGS certificate also provides businesses with a competitive advantage by allowing them access to markets that prefer to source products from BRCGS-certified vendors. Adhering to the BRCGS standards can help businesses become more efficient and cost-effective by requiring them to practice record-keeping, quality control, and traceability best practices. This can result in cost savings in the long run. 


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