Better Life Label

The Better Life label was established in 2007 by the Dierenbescherming, a Dutch animal welfare organization. The quality mark originated in response to growing concerns about animal welfare in livestock farming. Since then, the label has evolved and expanded. It is now used not only in the Netherlands but also extends to other European countries. 

The main objective of the Better Life label is to assist consumers in making ethical choices when purchasing meat, eggs, and dairy products. It encourages farmers to implement more animal-friendly practices and to provide transparency about the origin of their products.


To achieve the Better Life label, specific criteria must be met. These criteria vary depending on the animal and product, but here are some examples: 

Space and living conditions: Organizations must ensure that animals have enough space to exhibit natural behavior. This includes free-range access for chickens and pigs, comfortable resting areas for cattle, and sufficient enrichment materials for laying hens. 

Health and well-being: Animals must be healthy and not experience unnecessary suffering. This includes adequate nutrition, access to clean drinking water, and medical care. The use of antibiotics should be limited. 

Transport and slaughter: Animal welfare during transport and slaughter is important for this quality mark as well. Organizations must adhere to specific standards to minimize stress and suffering for animals during these processes. 

Transparency and traceability: The “Beter Leven” quality mark requires organizations to be transparent about the origin of their products and to have a traceability system in place. This helps consumers make informed choices throughout the supply chain. 

The quality mark has different levels (1 to 3 stars) to indicate the degree of animal welfare, with 3 stars representing the highest standard. 


The Better Life label is an important initiative that allows consumers to make conscious choices while promoting the welfare of animals in the livestock farming sector. It has made a significant impact on the food industry and continues to serve as an inspiring example of how consumer influence can lead to positive changes in society. 

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