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All you need to know about GlobalG.A.P. certification

GlobalG.A.P. certification is a widely recognized program that sets standards for Good Agricultural Practices, and helps to ensure that products are produced in a sustainable and safe manner. It can help farmers and facilities increase market access, improve their operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. It is based on internationally recognized guidelines and is a great way for farmers and facilities to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and safe food production to consumers, retailers and food service providers. 

Scope of the GlobalG.A.P. Certification Program 

The GlobalG.A.P. certification program sets standards for good agricultural practices. It is a private sector body that aims to promote sustainable agricultural production and safe food for consumers worldwide. The program covers a wide range of products, including fruits & vegetables, flowers, livestock and aquaculture. 

One of the main benefits of GlobalG.A.P. certification is that it helps to ensure that products are produced in a sustainable manner. The standards require farmers and facilities to implement practices that minimize the use of pesticides and other chemicals, conserve water and energy, and protect natural resources. Additionally, the standards mandate that farmers and facilities must provide safe working conditions for their employees and promote animal welfare. 

The GlobalG.A.P. Certification Process  

The certification process begins with a self-assessment and resolving any non-compliances. At this stage the applicant can be advised by GlobalG.A.P. trainer. After this phase has been completed, an appointment with the approved certification body should be arranged. An authorized certification body auditor will survey the farm or facility. The assessment includes a review of the farm’s or facility’s management practices, as well as an examination of their production processes. The certification body will also conduct an audit of the farm’s or facility’s records to ensure compliance with the GlobalG.A.P. standards.  

If compliant, the grower will receive their certificate, which will be valid for a year. 

Benefits for Farmers and Facilities 

GlobalG.A.P. certification can help increase market access for farmers and facilities. Many retailers and food service providers around the world require their suppliers to be GlobalG.A.P. certified. This is because they want to ensure that the products, they are purchasing are safe, sustainable, and of high quality. 

In addition, GlobalG.A.P. certification and the GGN Label can help farmers and facilities to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce costs. The standards require farmers and facilities to implement best practices in areas such as record-keeping, quality control, and traceability. This can help them to identify and address issues more quickly, which can lead to cost savings over time. 


Find out more: GLOBALG.A.P. (globalgap.org) 

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