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MPS-ABC: More Than Just a Certificate

The MPS-ABC standard stands as a testament to the commitment of Dutch growers to enhance the quality and sustainability of the entire floriculture sector. Established 25 years ago, this standard goes beyond being a mere certificate; it serves as a powerful monitoring tool enabling companies to actively reduce their environmental impact.

How Does MPS-ABC Certification Work?

The process begins with a simple step—requesting a quote. Upon initiation, businesses embark on environmental registration, focusing on crucial aspects such as plant protection products, fertilizers, energy, water, and waste. The monitoring process to receive the certification as a not-yet certified grower takes 13 periods of four weeks, resulting in approximately one year of data collection. After this year, the company goes through a thorough audit.

Following a successful audit, and after completing 13 registered periods, businesses are awarded an MPS-A+, -A, -B, or -C qualification, accompanied by a corresponding certificate. Organizations that have not yet completed a full registration cycle have a new classification: -S. This structured approach, from initiation to certification, underscores the commitment of MPS to guide and empower businesses at every step toward achieving and showcasing their environmental responsibility. Thanks to this point-based qualification, companies gain awareness of their usage levels in areas such as crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy, waste, and water.

Key Features

MPS-ABC presents a set of features that position it as a crucial asset for floriculture businesses. The standard guarantees meticulous environmental record-keeping, aligning with the stringent requirements of both FSI (Floriculture Sustainability Initiative) and MPS-GAP. With a user-friendly interface, it enables seamless online recording of usage, accompanied by quarterly digital overviews. This not only improves operational efficiency but also ensures a transparent documentation process. Additionally, MPS-ABC’s qualification serves as a distinctive marketing advantage, allowing businesses to showcase their environmental commitment and sustainability efforts prominently.

Benefits of MPS-ABC

Choosing MPS-ABC for environmental certification offers floriculture businesses personalized guidance, comprehensive services, and a transparent cost structure. With global recognition, the certification enhances international credibility. Beyond being a standard, MPS-ABC provides valuable insights into environmental performance and serves as a management system for sustainability. It also acts as a foundation for other MPS certifications, emphasizing traceability, environmental protection, safety, hygiene, and social responsibility. In conclusion, MPS-ABC is a strategic tool empowering businesses to align with sustainability principles, enhance market positioning, and actively contribute to a more sustainable floriculture sector globally.


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