Upcoming events

We aim to stay on top of the developments taking place in our clients´ sectors. We make this happen not only by keeping close contact with our clients; it takes stepping out of our offices and reaching out to organizations on trade fairs, conferences, and workshops given by experts on topics ranging from IT solutions to grower’s sustainability.

In the coming period, you can meet us at the following events: 

Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer (International) 

Hosting more than 600 international suppliers within the flower industry, who will be seen by 17.500 visitors spread over three days, the yearly Trade Fair in Aalsmeer is an unquestionable chance for companies across the entire field to connect, exchange ideas, and inspire each other through workshops and activities coordinated by the organization. The suppliers, traders, and concept designers will fill their stalls with beautiful creations combining their flowers, plants, and novelties into a unique experience for anyone present. We are looking forward to connecting with you during this event, to make the sector more efficient and sustainable with every new certificate obtained throughout the supply chain. 

ManualMaster Congress (Dutch)

For the fifth year in a row, our sister company ManualMaster will host this event featuring inspiring sessions in the field of quality assurance and IT. This year’s theme is Sustainability and Future, but don’t be mistaken: With guest speakers like André Kuipers, this congress will be nothing like your other sustainability events. As always, there will be a surprising cultural twist amidst the presentations of (among others) Raimon Loman of The Dutch Flower Group or Mirko Vaars of BIT.

VMT Food Safety Event: New reality, new risks (Dutch)

Certification and safety are deeply intertwined, and this is no different for the food industry. With emerging trends concerning circular production, the risks of new contaminants, and other challenges like European laws and the new reality after covid, quality assurance is a crucial aspect for both producers and traders in the sector. All these topics have one thing in common: They will be discussed during the VMT Food Safety Event. We are looking forward to being inspired by the expert sessions and presentations taking place during this dynamic event in Utrecht. 


Do you have any questions regarding our presence at the events? Feel free to contact us at info@certifeye.com.

We are looking forward to seeing you during these inspiring meetings.

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