Working with subcontractors

In the latest version of Certifeye it is possible to record contracts at different levels of supply. You can include various information in a contract. As an example, you can create a contract for a specific customer. The contract can be linked to the requirements that the customer sets regarding the deal. Think of required documents such as certificates or a code of conduct.

By assigning your supplier to the contract, you will see in one glance whether they have the right papers to meet the requirements set by your customer. You can grant access to your customer and show this data in real time via Certifeye.

It’s also possible to use the information only for internal purposes. Subcontractors are clearly arranged so any missing documents in relation to the requirements are immediately visible. Certifeye will help you communicate with your supplier enabling delivery of the correct certificates and their maintenance. Would you like to know more? E-mail us or sign up for our online introduction.

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